Homebrew Zoo Collaborates with Turkey Creek Brewing

Homebrewing is all about experimentation and collaboration, and the Homebrew Zoo recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Turkey Creek Brewing to create a delicious Belgian Golden Strong Ale. The recipe was originally from John Huhn and was used in the recent barrel project by the Homebrew Zoo.

Turkey Creek Brewing owner Scott Wuest and head brewer Andy Guinn decided to use the Homebrew Zoo’s recipe for their collaboration brew. On a Sunday morning, the club was invited down to the brewery in Hollister, MO for a brew day. In attendance were club members Jenn and Mike, Big Greg, Taylor, and Dave D.

The brew consisted of over 250 pounds of grain and 89 ounces of hops. The recipe was essentially unchanged from the original club recipe, with the exception of using dry yeast instead of the liquid yeast that was used in the barrel project. The beer is expected to be tapped in mid-November.

Collaborations like this are what make the homebrewing community so special. It’s an opportunity for brewers to come together and share their passion for creating unique and delicious beers. The Homebrew Zoo is grateful for the opportunity to work with Turkey Creek Brewing and is excited to try the finished product.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at homebrewing, consider joining a local homebrewing club or join. You’ll have the chance to meet other brewers, share tips and tricks, and maybe even collaborate on a brew with a local brewery. Cheers to the Homebrew Zoo and Turkey Creek Brewing for a successful collaboration!