From the President’s Brew Board

This has been a long time coming! We (Club Officer’s) have been talking for months about how we can make the most beneficial use of the website as well as the internet presence we have as a club of home-brew hobbyists. Among the many things we’ve discussed is creating more content to populate the website as well as social media, as well as regular messages from the governing committee. With that in mind, I felt it was beyond time for me to write a piece about my time as the club President.
When I became President in September 2019, I certainly had no idea what was coming for the world. As many clubs, we struggled to find a path to keep the hard earned momentum we had as a club going forward into the unknown world of 2020. We tried many things to engage members and keep them interested. From virtual meetings, special guests on the virtual meetings, social media engagement, club meetings in the parking lot, meeting as distanced as possible in the shop during winter, etc… It’s impossible to know if any of those things we tried worked to keep the club alive or if it would have collapsed as other clubs had who decided to not utilize virtual meeting formats.
As of this month, August 2022, the ZOO has survived the last 2+ years and now we are focused on taking the club not back to normal, but beyond that to a more active and engaged club. A club that will bring members and yet-to-be members more value for the dues paid. Many of those efforts are currently underway, (Iron Brewer Competition, Santa Clone Competition aka ZYMUR Challenge, BJCP Competitions, Training and Exams, Monthly Club Raffles, Annual Club Picnic, High Gravity Night, Big Brew Day, Competition Calendar Updates, Club Participation at Events, Charitable work…) and many more coming.
I want to take this moment to announce that I will not be running for a 4th term as the club President. While it was hard work at times keeping everything moving, I enjoyed my tenure and have a positive outlook for the club’s future. We have a great group of talented and focused people on the governing board and I have complete confidence they will continue driving the club forward. While I will no longer be President, I’m hoping to remain on the governing committee to help and support the new leadership in whatever role needs filled.

John Huhn

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