Community Outreach

Community Involvement

As a club, members of the Zymurgists of the Ozarks Homebrewing Society take pride in being a part of our regional communities and finding ways to give back that go hand in hand with the hobby we all love. Often our efforts are generally in partnership with a larger sponsoring organization, and consist of an array of activities including participation in festivals, competitions, and events put together to raise money for a good cause.

This past April the ZOO was thrilled to again be a part of Ozarks Beerfest presented by BigBrothersBigSisters. Ozarks Beerfest is the largest festival of it’s type in the region that offers patrons the opportunity to sample over 200 craft beers, and additionally offers members the opportunity to serve homebrew alongside nearly 50 other breweries at the event. This year Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks raised more than $90,000 which will go directly to their mission to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships between caring consistent volunteers and the children and youth they serve locally. 

In May, the Homebrew ZOO was likewise ecstatic to be presented with another opportunity to support The HOPE Foundation with our participation in the 12th iteration of the Springfield Craft Beer Bash. At this event members again donated kegs of homebrew to be served to patrons from across the region to help raise money for a local cause. Proceeds from this event support the HOPE foundation’s goal to help families suffering from pediatric emergencies by assisting financially in ways local and national foundations, charities and insurance agencies won’t cover. Resources from the HOPE foundation are provided to families across our area in 22 different counties. 

As a club, we the Zymurgists of the Ozarks also host competitions ourselves which serve as our largest fundraiser. At least once a year we take proceeds from these events to make a direct donation to a charitable cause in our area selected by club members as group. This year for example, the ZOO made a donation to the Rare Breeds Youth organization following our Rare Breeds Exhibit Homebrewing competition. 

If you’d like to be part of our efforts to support our surrounding community or learn more about the future opportunities we plan to participate in send us an email at or find and follow us on Facebook. Cheers!       

Community Outreach

Zoo Donates to Rare Breeds Youth Services

Zoo Club Members in front of Rare Breeds Youth Services.
Club President and officers present check to Rare Breeds Youth Services.

The Zymurgists of the Ozarks, a community of homebrewers based in the Ozarks region, recently made a donation of $125 to Rare Breeds Youth Services. The donation was made possible through the proceeds raised from the Rare Breeds Home Brew competition organized by the club.

The Zymurgists of the Ozarks is a group of passionate homebrewers who share a love for the craft of brewing beer. The club is known for its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and promoting sustainability in the brewing process. The Rare Breeds Home Brew competition is an annual event organized by the club to showcase the creativity and talent of homebrewers in the region.

This year’s competition saw a record number of entries, with participants from all over the Ozarks region submitting their best brews for judging. The competition showcased newer styles that are less prominent in the traditional home brewing competitions. Included were historical beer styles, local styles and styles that are lesser known. The judging panel consisted of experienced homebrewers and industry professionals who evaluated each entry based on factors such as aroma, flavor, and overall quality.

However, the real winners of the competition were the youth served by Rare Breeds Youth Services. The organization provides crucial support and resources to young people who are facing challenges such as homelessness, poverty, and unemployment. The $125 donation made by the club will help to support the organization’s important work.

The donation is a testament to the generosity and community spirit of the Zymurgists of the Ozarks. By organizing the Rare Breeds Home Brew competition and donating the proceeds to a worthy cause, the club has demonstrated its commitment to using its passion for brewing to make a positive impact in the community.

In conclusion, the Zymurgists of the Ozarks’ donation to Rare Breeds Youth Services is an inspiring example of how communities can come together to support important causes. The Rare Breeds Home Brew competition is more than just a showcase of brewing talent; it is a celebration of community, creativity, and generosity.