Brewing with the Seasons

Hello Again Everybody!

As I sat in my chair this morning with my coffee in hand pondering what this week may yet have in store for me, I had one of those “Oh Sh*t” moments. You see this weekend I blew through one keg, I’ve realized I have another on the verge, and at roughly 7:30am it’s hit me that I’m about to be down to a single lone soldier remaining in my kegerator. However, don’t worry about me I’ve got plans to brew at least twice this week to more than replenish my stock, but as I thought more about my upcoming brewing schedule I thought it funny how quickly I’ve pivoted from darker beers to pale lighter styles. For reference, beyond the Pale Ale I made for Beerfest, my last 4 batches have consisted of a Czech Dark Lager, an Irish Red, an Imperial Milk Stout, and my Kentucky Common; And the Pale Ale maybe the darkest beer I produce for at least the foreseeable future. Why you ask? Well I would direct you to take a look at the weather report or check in with the nearest ground hog, whichever source you prefer or trust most; but in either case you’ll find that temperatures are clearly on the rise and Summer is just on the horizon! 

It’s not that brewing/drinking with the Seasons is some new discovery; Randy Mosher wrote a book on the subject nearly 10 years ago (Beer For All Seasons: A Through-The-Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It). Likewise, there’s not a brewery around that doesn’t have seasonal releases that follow a similar pattern. Take for example the recent releases by our local cohort: 

Banter: Amber Lager Triptych Series

Hold Fast: Pickle Pilsner

Tie & Timber: The Return of their Pickwick Pale Ale & upcoming Cold IPA – Adult Swim (4/13)

Mother’s: Returns of Trop Top & Sunshine Chugsuckle, Mango Break Golden Ale, Partio Pounder Pale Ale

These lighter (and some fruity) offerings are a sure sign of warmer days ahead. Not to say that stouts, porters, and bocks are bad in the summer; just that by a way of habit they’re likely no longer the first choice when we reach in the fridge on a hot day. As I started with this writing, I’ve got most of my upcoming brew schedule figured out with a Vienna, German Pils, and Pale Ale on the docket; and a Gose likely not far behind! What Do you have planned for the coming warmer months? If you’re looking for a little inspiration don’t forget the the themes for our upcoming meetings either: 

April – Czech Lagers & Rose’ Wines

May – Sours/Wild Ales and Sparkling Wines

June – Pale Ales & Bitters and Red Wines

July – IPA’s and Kombucha

August – Monastic/Trappist Ales and Kvass

Cheers Friends!