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All Homebrewers at some point or another have a dream of opening up our own brewery. For some, it’s a pleasant daydream every once in a while when a friend compliments our beer. For others, it can cross over from being a dream to an obsession. When obsession happens there is Tom Hennessy’s book “Brewery Operations Manual” to provide a peek behind the curtain.

This book details the planning and implementation of the Colorado Boy Brewery in Ridgway, Colorado. Inside you won’t find recipes or lessons about how to brew. But you will find advice on finding equipment, laying out the building, and managing staff.

I argue that some of the information is outdated, probably even at the time of writing. For instance, it is suggested by the author to use a Grundy tank, as they are cheap and not too difficult to find. A quick search on the internet will show you otherwise. In spite of this, however, it demonstrates a way of thinking outside the box in sourcing equipment.

This book is in no way exhaustive, but it gives a very good overview and uncovers areas you might overlook if you are looking to open a brewery. It is a highly readable book that held my interest well. At the very least I appreciate all the effort that my local microbreweries have put into making their breweries work.