AHA’s Big Brew Day

Title: AHA’s Big Brew Day
Location: 1967 Boat Street, Ozark, MO
Link out: Click here
Description: Help the Zymurgists of the Ozarks celebrate the American Homebrewers Association’s Big Brew Day. Members from the organization will be brewing one of the three recipes provided by the AHA to promote the love and joy of homebrewing. This will be in conjunction with The Home Brewery’s customer appreciation party. Any and all are welcome!
Start Time: 12:00
Date: 2013/05/04
End Time: 18:00

Happy Birthday, SGF!

Title: Happy Birthday, SGF!
Location: Park Central Square
Link out: Click here
Description: “TAG Media is throwing a birthday party for Springfield like never before. Park Central Square will be filled with games (for kids and grown ups), a birthday cake silent auction, inflatables, local food vendors, live music, city officials, local celebrities, and a whole lot more from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.” -TAG

Along w/ local food and games, the Homebrew ZOO will be there brewing up some goodness, taste testing some grains and generally educating Springfield about the awesomeness of homebrewing! Be sure and stop by the tent to say hello!
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2013/04/27
End Time: 17:00

April Meeting (4/16/13) @ Mother’s Brewing!

A big thanks to Mother’s Brewing, especially Doug and Holly. We were pleased to see so many new faces and I do believe that we all had a great time. Be sure and check out the pics below!

Leadership Meeting 4/12/13

Zymurgists of the Ozarks Leadership
Meeting Minutes

Title:   Leadership Meeting
Location:   Coffee Ethic
Date:   04/12/13

Time:  8:00pm


In attendance: Ben (Pres), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary) Kassidy (Media Director)

Ben ordered the checks for our account and they have been received.  Ben will bring them to the next meeting and give them to Todd.



Mother’s Day at the Mothers Brewery:  May 18th 1-6pm.  Ben will contact Mothers and work out the details.  We will more than likely not be brewing due to the nature of the event.  We do need to have printed materials and brewing samples available.

Happy Birthday Springfield:  April 27th on the Square 11am-5pm, Sponsored by TAG.  TAG has reserved us a spot.  Kassidy will be brewing an extract beer.  We need volunteers to help man the booth.  Please contact Kassidy.

Big Brew Day/Zoo Family BBQ/Homebrew Store open house:  May 4th at the Homebrew Store in Ozark.  Brewers can arrive anytime after 10:00am.  Family BBQ from 3-6pm.  All members need to bring a dish.  We need volunteers to brew at the following times:

10:00am – All Grain

12:00am – Extract or All Grain (Ben)

2:00pm – Extract

We want to do this in stages so there is someone brewing all the time.


Promotional Ideas:  Kassidy will look into the prices of promotional items and T-shirts.


ZOO Flyers:  Keith will look into the price of printing this from a actual printer versus printing them at home.


Medals:  All medals have been sent out to our winners from our last competition.  Keith is looking into the price of creating a medal that is our actual logo instead of a generic medal with our name printed on it.


BJCP certification:  We will start looking into setting classes up


Banner:  Keith as approval to order a 6’x2.5 foot banner


Membership cards:  The design has been approved.  Ed is looking into adding a QR code.  This will be completed by the May meeting.


Fall Competition:  Talk with Mothers to see if they would be interested in taking the winners brew to GABF pro-am.  We need more interest in the Competition Comittee.


Hoppy St Patrick’s:  We need to follow up with Aston and find out if he is for sure taking our BOS to the GABF pro-am.


Meeting adjourned: 9:55pm

Hoppy St. Patricks Day WINNERS!

Below is a list of all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each category as well as the best of show.  If your place earns you another prize, you will be receiving that prize as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact the competition committee chair Keith at keith.bachman@me.com.


Category 8: English Pale Ale

1st: Keith Wallis – “English Pale”

2nd: Robert Socha – “Sofa King Bitter”

3rd: Jake Culver – “Lady Snaggletooth”


Category 10A: American Pale Ale

1st: Tim Thomssen – “Cheech & Chong Pale Ale”

2nd: Chris Becker – “Conan Pale Ale”

3rd: Time Rosse – “Spitfire Extra Pale Ale”


Category 14A: English IPA

1st: James Frazer – “James the Ripper”

2nd: Mike Winckler – “It’s Pat(‘s Ale)”

3rd: Robert Socha – “Redcoat IPA”


Category 14B: American IPA

1st: David Schumacher – “SchuBrew IPA”

2nd: Keith Bachman – “Chupacabra IPA”

3rd: Dave Hukill – “SAC Up IPA”


Category 14C: Imperial IPA

1st: Tim Thomssen – “Hop-Tarded Imperial IPA”

2nd: Wit Sanders – “BlackIPA Imperial IPA”

3rd: Nicholas Otersen – “TLC Double Bubble Imperial IPA”


Best of Show

1st: Keith Wallis

2nd: David Schumacher

3rd: Tim Thomssen

2/16/13 Leadership Meeting Minutes

Title:   Leadership Meeting
Location:   Home Brewery
Date:   2/16/2012

Time:  6:30pm


In attendance: Ben (Pres), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary), Todd (Treasure)


Officers: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary)

Todd (Treasure), Kassidy (Media Director)

There were a few questions about couple’s memberships:  It has been decided that couple membership holders act as one unit.  They are considered 1 vote, and can hold a 1 position on the board.  On the current board directors we have Kassidy and Michael who will have a couples membership holding two different positions.  Based on not having bylaws prior to electing our original officers the two will continue holding both offices until the next election. Officer terms will be 13 months, 12 months in office and 1 month training the new officers.

Ed, the current secretary will be moving before the next elections.  Currently he does not have an exact move date but will notify the board 30 days before his resignation.

Big Brew Day/Zoo Family Picnic:  May 4th.  Ideas that have been discussed but not finalized

Todd having a customer appreciation day in conjunction

Possible in club competition based on the big brew recipe

Zoo members Pot Luck

Competition Update:

Competition Date will be March 16th at 12:30, subject to change base on number of entries

Setup and dry run will be the night before March 15th at 7:00pm

Medals will be determined based on the number of entries we receive per category.

The Zoo will purchase dinner for the Judges following the event.

Club only Barleywine competition:  Needs to be discussed at the membership meeting.  Currently we do not have enough time to brew and in club judge before the entries need to be submitted.

T-Shirts/ Work style shirts:  Ben will look into pricing; these will be offered to the members at cost.  We still need to look into a design.

Additional paperwork/legal status needed for the club:

Ben and Todd will both review to see what additional paper/legal status that the Zoo needs.  This will be reviewed at the next leadership meeting.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:37pm

Hoppy St. Patrick Prizes

For those who haven’t been following, the ZOO is hosting a Pale Ale competition March 15-17th and covers BJCP style categories 8, 10A, and 14.  If you haven’t registered with the website, please go to the competition website and sign up today!

The Competition Committee would also like to announce the prizes for the top earners in the competition!

The top three homebrews in each category will receives medals commemorating their achievement.  Along with that, every 1st place category winner receives a $25 gift card to The Home Brewery.  Along with receiving the gift card, each 1st place winner moves onto the Best of Show (BOS) round.  The winner of the BOS receives first consideration for brewing with “Mr. Wizard” Ashton Lewis of Springfield Brewing Company at the next available Great American Beer Festival ProAm Competition.  The 2nd place winner receives second consideration and the 3rd place winner receives third consideration.  For complete complete competition rules, please click here.

1/15/13 Meeting Minutes


Title:   Regular Monthly Meeting      
Location:   Springfield Brewing Company      
Date:   1/15/2013      
Zymurgists of the Ozarks

Officers: Ben Stange (Pres), Michael Pittman (PR Director), Keith Bachman (VP), Ed Schneiderheinze (Secretary) Todd Frye (Treasure), Kassidy Polete (Media Director)


Attendees:  12


Guest:  Ashton Lewis from Springfield Brew Co


Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time   Springfield Brewing Co

Call to order   Ben 8:53pm

September Meeting Minutes:  Ed S.

Minutes read and accepted


Old Business:  Ed S.



Dues - $25 per year to be voting member - paid membership to vote for 2/3 majority.   Ben

Motion: Ed

2nd: Keith

Passes:  100%

New Dues are effective immediately, payable to Todd Frye.





Competition Committee Update   Keith Bachman

Hoppy St Patrick Comp:  To do list:

  • Confirm Judges – Ashton Lewis has confirmed
  • Create an advertisement flyer to hang up around town
    • Completed by Keith
  • Talk with Todd about a winners package – Keith
    • $25 Home brewery gift certificate to all 1st place winners
  • Talk with Matt Loll about etched glass mugs – Ben
  • Look into the cost of medals – Ed
  • Speak to Ashton Lewis about possible GABF pro/am entry for Best of show – Keith
    • Ashton has agreed to this.  This is not a guaranteed entry.  Ashton will evaluate the top three places from best in show and determine if he would like to work with the brewer for a GABF entry.




Update - Logo Design - vote for approval   Ben

Motion: Todd

2nd: Michael

Passed:  100%



Future events: Big Brew, Do Good, ZOO BBQ, etc.   

Each event will be moved to old business for future discussion



Finalized list - Education themes for this year   Michael

Completed:  These are on the website

Call for any new business by members   All

Beer, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate fest Feb 9th for 12-5pm.  We do have a free both but all participants need to purchase a ticket.  Anyone interested in representing the Zoo please see the forums.


Education portion - Hop Lobster Game/tour 

Ashton Lewis conducted a fine tour of his facilities and presented the Hop Lobster game.  If anyone is interested in Ashton’s challenge to brew the Hop Lobster see the forums.  Their current batch should be available in the next 2 weeks for tasting.  A special thanks to Ashton for hosting our club at the Springfield Brew Co and answering all of our questions.



Social Period of club - beer tasting, feedback, etc.   All

Registration for our founding members is over, below is the list of all who met the requirements.  We have 15 total:

Tim Rosse, Charles Hedin, Mike Zalewski, Ed Schneiderheinze, Ben Stange, Greg Knight, Todd Frye, Michael Pittman, Eric Johnson, Keith Bachman, Andrew Steiger, Todd Rock, Daniel Routh, Mike Rupp, Nathan Oberle.


Adjourned: 10:15

Hoppy St. Patricks Day Homebrew Competition

1/13/13 Leadership Meeting Minutes


Zymurgists of the Ozarks Leadership
Meeting Minutes

Title: Leadership Meeting
Location: Brew Co
Date: 1/13/2012
Time: 8:00pm

In attendance: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary)

Officers: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary)
Todd (Treasure), Kassidy (Media Director)

2013 Dues: We will bring the dues cost of $25 to the founding members on the next meeting Jan 15th. If approved, dues will go into effect at that meeting.

Logo Design: The new logo will be voted on at the Jan 15th meeting

2013 Meeting Themes: This has been posted on the website and forums and approved by the leadership

Big Brew Day: Date is uncertain at this time, it will be in May. Speak with Todd about doing a customer appreciation day in conjunction. This will also be the Zoo Spring Family BBQ

Do Good: This was brought up but no specific discussion took place. Table for future meetings.

Hoppy St Patrick Comp: To do list:
• Confirm Judges – Ashton Lewis has confirmed
• Create an advertisement flyer to hang up around town
• Talk with Todd about a winners package – Keith
• Talk with Matt Loll about etched glass mugs – Ben
• Look into the cost of medals – Ed
• Speak to Ashton Lewis about possible GABF pro/am entry for Best of show – Keith

Officers need to be listed on all meeting minutes for legal reasons

April Meeting will be held at Mother’s. Education will be tasting beer.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm