October Member’s Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2013
@The Homebrewery
16 in attendance

8:46 Called to open

8:48 Review of old business viewtopic.php?f=35&t=318

8:55 Treasury report

8:56 Competition update: 81 entries total, 10 medals were awarded to Zoo Members with Chris B. earning 5 of them. Emphasis on new competition and competition committee. Score sheets were handed out to the members present.

9:00 Barrel program update with Chris B. w/ bylaws for the project.

9:08 Event stamp has been shelved at the moment. Business cards moving forward.

9:11 Zootoberfest with Tim and Charles 3pm Oct 19th, 2013

9:13 Cider Discussion: Ordering from Murphy’s Orchard, if interested contact Todd Frye

9:15 Beerfest November 23, 2013: Volunteers needed, own ticket will need to be purchased. Working out logistics of brewing for ie. Who and What.
Fermentation Fest Nov 2, 2013: Brewing demo, contests, and fun to be had. Talk to Todd Frye for more details.

9:27 Interclub Brew Off update, draft proposal.

9:28 Business Card update and T-shirt update

9:32 “Growing Pains” We as a club are getting a little large for our means. We have been talking about having another meeting a month, focusing on the educational portion. Also, people wise we might need to think of another venue to fit all of us. We will address this more as a club.

9:45 Close for social period for Good Brews with Good Friends.

September Member’s Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2013 Member’s Meeting
@ The Home Brewery
Attendance: 16

Called to order: 7:47
7:48 recall august minutes viewtopic.php?f=35&t=295

7:52 Competition update – 76 entries paid and judging is Sept 21

7:55 Treasury report

7:57 Discussion of old business with emphasis on Teach a Friend to Brew Day on Nov 2. and homebrew pouring for a peoples choice award. http://imgur.com/darbUl4

8:02 Chris B. with inter club brew off update

8:04 Business card update with voting on design options

8:07 Bourbon Barrel proposal for club use, passes, and Chris B. to head the Barrel Aging Project.

8:12 Zootoberfest with Spitfire Brewing Oct 19th http://imgur.com/gg36dp5

8:17 Oktoberfest in Branson with request of ZOO presence Sept 29th http://imgur.com/32KICu4

8:20 Education portion: tasting and discussion of pepper beers

8:35 Voting for Office and calling for members in need of Membership badges. Officers are as follows:

President: Ben S.
Vice President: Keith B.
Secretary/Membership Director: Keith W.
Treasurer: Todd F.
Public Relations/Activities Director: Chris B.
Media Director: Eric J.

8:45 Meeting adjourned for social period with good brew and good friends.

Leadership Minutes 9/1/13

Attendance: Ben (Pres.), Keith B.(V. Pres), Keith W. (Sec.), Todd (Treas.),  Michael (PR Director), Kassidy (Media Director)

8:14 Open
-Treasury report with updates on new paying members.

-Secretary obtains remaining Members badges. Discussion for a new educational demo on Beer Math and what it means to you.

-Media Director leads discussion about creating a protocol for setting up at events; to make more uniformed and easier.
-If we do not have more participants for Do Good, we should maybe think about sitting this one out. Contact Kassidy for more info and if you can make it.

-A motion to purchase a canopy tent for events. (So we as a club do not have to rely on the generosity of others.) Motion passes unanimously. Todd will start watching for sales and a time to purchase.

-Discussion of Club presence at Mother’s Oktoberfest in the Ozarks.

-Keith B. gives contest updates: 44 entries on site and a estimated 55-60 total thus far. Still need judges and stewards to help set up. Do NOT worry if you want to judge and have entered, will make sure you don’t judge your own beer. Sorting Time: 7 pm on 9/20/13

-Keith B. leads discussion on success of the Facebook adverts. Since started until 9/1/13 there have been 9,333 people reached and 56 new likes, that is an est. 23 cents per like.

-Group discussion on amendments to club constitution and bylaws, such as consecutive term limits (per office held).
-Elections nominations are encouraged as the 17th are the elections. Any due paying member is encouraged to participate. As offices are not as hard to uphold as one might think, and change could bring fresh ideas.

-Discussed White River Brewery tour or tasting.

-November 2nd is Teach a Friend to Brew Day and how fun it would be to do a Public Choice Award with all proceeds going to a local charity. More details to come at following members meeting.

9:30 Adjourned

August Meeting Minutes 8/20/13

August 8-20-13 Member Monthly Meeting
@ The Home Brewery
Attendance: 20

7:50 PM Meeting called to order.

7:55 – 8:10 Old business – viewtopic.php?f=35&t=290

8:10 – 8:12 Todd’s Treasury Report

8:12 – 8:20 Art of Darkness Competition Update by Keith B.
*Deadline for entries Sept 13th and Judging Sept 21st @ 1 PM

8:20 – 8:25 Interclub Competition update from Chris B.

8:25 – 8:41 New Business
*Discussion of using some club funds for advertising our club with the use of Facebook and Business cards.
*Brought to vote and passed. Keith B. is heading up FB Advertising, Troy and Ken to take charge of Business Cards and other like media at the moment.

Upcoming possible events:
*Sept 6 St Joseph’s Poker Night, FLYER:  http://imgur.com/zQ0UVtb
*Oct 12th St Joesph’s Beer and BBQ, FLYER: http://imgur.com/ACqZh5l

Nov 23rd Beerfest @ University Plaza, We Will Be Able To Pour! Brew it up! We have decided to just go with kegs for easy clean up and less trash. If you need a keg for this event speak with Todd, but be respectful for equipment that is not yours.

Discussion of getting a bourbon barrel for club brews to age. More to come.

8:42 Meeting adjourned for educational portion. Followed by social time with good brew and good friends.

July Meeting Minutes 7/16/13

Title:   Regular Monthly Meeting
Location:   Home Brewery
Date:   7/16/2013
Attendance: 15

Zymurgists of the Ozarks

Officers: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Randy (Secretary)
Todd (Treasure), Kassidy (Media Director)
7:30 PM – 7:45 PM  Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time   Organizer: The Home Brewery

7:45 PM – 7:50 PM  Call to order Organizer: Ben S.

7:50 PM – 8:10 PM  Education Portion – Hybrid Beer Discussion Organizer: Tim R.

8:10 PM – 8:15 PM  June Meeting Minutes   Organizer: Kassidy

8:15 PM  – 8:20 PM  Treasurer’s Report   Organizer: Todd F.

8:20 PM – 8:25 PM  Competition Update – Keith Bachman

8:25 PM – 8:35 PM  “Old Business – Organizer: Ben S.
*Logo Care Package, Ben delivered by hand to Erin 7/6/2013
*Mentioned possible Zoo Stamp and How to Brew Poster (look online)
*Keith W. provided update on Pro Am with SBC.
*Discussed preparations for Craft Beer Bash.
*Membership cards were available to hand out for this meeting.   Kassidy

8:35 PM – 8:40 PM   Election of new secretary – Ben S.
Keith Wallis elected unanimously to post.

8:40 PM – 8:50 PM  Call for any new business by members   Ben S.
*Keith Wallis (Oktoberfest @ Mother’s)  – Michael to speak with Holly Mills about this.  Possibly more than one batch brewing at a time, make brewing more visible.
*Discussed the potential for homebrew completion with Joplin and surrounding areas (to discuss on forums). Todd R. to discuss with others in the area as well.
*Ben reminded club of upcoming elections and nominations period from August meeting to September meeting.

8:50 PM – 10:30 PM   Social Period of club – beer tasting, feedback, etc.

Total      3:00

585 @ Brew Co!

585 went on tap this Friday! Be sure to check it out… and tell ’em the ZOO sent ya! (Oh, BTW: SBC will have 585 in bottles later this week. Pick up a 6 pack and hoist a toast to Keith’s awesome work!)


SBC Pro Am Brew Day

Last Saturday, our Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day ‘Best of Show’ winner, Keith Wallis, got to brew his ESB with Springfield Brewing Company to send as a Pro-Am entry at the 2013 GABF. Look for 585 on tap in September! A big THANK YOU to SBC for giving the ZOO, and Keith, this opportunity!



Leadership Minutes 8/3/13

8/3/13 Officers Meeting

Location: Springfield Brewing Company

Attendance: Ben (Pres.), Michael (PR Director), Keith B. (V.Pres.), Todd (Treasurer), Keith W. (Secretary).

Time Opened: 9:35 AM

Discussion of planning a tour of White River Brewing for dues members, Octoberish.

Discussion of Club T-shirts. More info to come as to logo and placement, color, batch order vs. order to have on hand, importance of identifying marker at events, etc. Urging to be brought up at membership meeting.

Judging for Art of Darkness competition was discussed briefly as to who had been confirmed and still pending, current entry #’s, storage of entries.

Discussion of upcoming events: Ozarks Beerfest 2013, Nov 23rd. With the new law passed pertaining to home brew, it looks as if we will be able to pour at this event under a blanket type permit. Discussed importance of participation, as well as importance of kegs over bottles for serving purposes. Discussion on rotating taps to keep interest up. More to come as more info arises, but participation is needed to get our name out there and spread the word of home brewing and the love of craft beer.

Adjourned: 9:55 am

SGF Craft Beer Bash (7/20/13)

Had a great time out @ the Square meeting new people and talking craft beer! Bummer it was rained out but if you happened to have any leftover tickets, Mother’s Brewing will be letting you exchange those Wednesday in the tasting room… for beer! Awesome of them to do so! If you were sent to our site from the free Zymurgy magazines that we were handing out then also make sure to add us on Facebook for extra updates on the ZOO: www.Facebook.com/HomebrewZOO



What a turnout! (7/16/13)