Meeting Minutes – March 20th, 2012


At last night’s meeting, we discussed a few ideas for the club in the near future, and we met a couple of new members.

First of all, the AHA Big Brew is coming up on May 5th.  We discussed organizing that day at The Home Brewery to participate in the brew day.  Those willing or interested in participating, please email (homebrewzoo [at] gmail dot com) and let me know so that we can keep a tally of who will be involved.  The Big Brew Day has extract and all-grain versions of two brown ales this year.

We also discussed participating in the August 2012 Club-Only competition.  The category is porter, and covers BJCP category 12 styles.  In order to have your beer considered to represent the club, please note that you must bring a brewed version of your submission to our June meeting.  We will have a blind tasting at that meeting and vote to see which ale will represent our club at the competition.  This deadline allows enough time that the winner of our in-club competition will have time to re-brew before the August 10th deadline should they feel it is necessary.

We discussed the creation of this site and the addition of club forums to the site during the meeting, as well.  Eric has done an excellent job putting together the site so far, so we are excited to see what is coming.

Also at this meeting, I reminded everyone that the June meeting’s theme is Saison/Farmhouse ales.  I distributed copies of a simple Saison recipe to all members who expressed interest in brewing for the meeting.  That recipe will follow the meeting minutes in this post.

It was mentioned in the meeting that the monthly themes are currently nearly meaningless, and that it would be nice to have some sort of information at the beginning of the meeting relating to that month’s theme.  For instance, as next month’s theme is IPA, it would be of a benefit to the group to have someone teach a bit about what that category means at the beginning of April’s meeting.  If you would like to volunteer to teach the IPA segment, please email me at homebrewzoo [at] gmail dot com.

We also drank and had fun.

Here is the Saison recipe I distributed to the group during the meeting last night:

Simple Saison

Batch size 5 gallons
Boil size 7.1 gallons
Boil time 90 minutes
Grain weight 10 pounds
Efficiency 70%
Original gravity 1.050
Final gravity 1.011
Alcohol (by volume) 5.1%
Bitterness (IBU) 31
Color (SRM) 5.0°L


2 liquid packs

Belgian Saison



10 pounds

    36ppg, 1°L
9 pounds
Munich (Dark)
    34ppg, 20°L
1 pound



1.5 ounces

Hallertauer hops
    4.3%, Pellet
1.5 ounces


120 minutes, 9.6 gallons

    Target 149°F
3.1 gallons
60 minutes (+0)
    Target 170°F
6.5 gallons



90 minutes, 7.1 gallons

Hallertauer hops
    4.3%, Pellet
1.5 ounces
90 minutes (+0)
Wort chiller 15 minutes (+75)



24 days @ 70-95°F

Rack to secondary 14 days (+10)


This yeast likes it hot. Fermentation temps of 95F are not unheard of using a Saison yeast. This creates a spicier profile for the beer overall. If you do not wish to use this yeast, a starter can be made from the dregs of your favorite saison.

The efficiency used to calculate this recipe is 70%.  You may need to adjust your version of this recipe to allow for your system’s efficiency.

To make an extract version of this recipe: For an extract version, simply substitute 6 lbs of light dry extract for the 10 lbs of Belgian Pilsen malt and steep the munich malt.  If you do not wish to steep your grains, simply sub in an additional .5 lbs of dry extract for the munich malt.

About the base malt: This recipe was formulated with software which has limited options for malts.  I recommend a pilsen malt as the base, and will probably use a Belgian pilsen in my version.

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