November Member’s Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2013
@ The Home Brewery
17 in attendance

7:49 Open

7:50 Old Business viewtopic.php?f=35&t=339

7:58 Treasury Report

7:59 Competition Update:

“Art of Darkness” should be completely closed out, all awards given, and all information handed out.

Spring Competition: styles have been selected and posted. Working on ideas for the name, also dates (possibly March 15th or 22nd)

8:00 Beerfest:

Working out who will be present and bringing brews with. (After: the event was a success with great ideas on years to come. Generated lots of “buzz” <–Pun intended, and even made the paper with Keith B.’s Cider. Here is Ashton and Bruce displaying their badges )

8:05 Barrel project update:

Barrel was filled, but still needs 15 gallons of liquid for top up. If you are interested please contact Chris Becker.

8:11 Honorary Members:

Aside from the guys at SBC we also thought it would be nice to do the same for a few of the people at Mother’s. Also we thought it would be good to present them with the ZOO t-shirt.

8:13 Growing pains and the Educational portion:

We have decided to keep the themes of each meeting, ie. beers to bring for that month ( not mandatory). But, move the educational portions to a different section. So those interested will be less distracted from others that may not be. Also, only having 1/4 of the years meetings containing an educational portion. This will allow them to be more in depth and personable. More to come.

8:16 Amendment to the Constitution:

Passed by well over a 2/3rds vote

8:23 Brief discussion about the newsletter and a Recipe of the Month. More to come on that topic.

8:24 Close for social period:

Good Brews with Good Friends.

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