Leadership Minutes 7/8/13

Zymurgists of the Ozarks Leadership Meeting Minutes

Title:   Leadership Meeting
Location:   Old Chicago
Date:   07/08/2013
Time:  8:00pm

In attendance: Ben (Pres), Keith (VP), Randy (Secretary), Kassidy (Media Director), Michael(PR Director)

Officers: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Randy (Secretary), Todd (Treasurer), Kassidy (Media Director)

Randy has resigned his position as secretary.  He provided the attendance sheets from the past two meetings to be handed to his successor following appointment or election at the July meeting.

-Kassidy has been actively promoting the competition through social media and directly to clubs in the area.  She believes it is going very well and that our participation will be very high at the Fall competition.
-There has been a lot of excitement surrounding Mother’s Brewing Company’s involvement with The Art of Darkness competition and it has driven a lot of interest in entering the competition.
-Keith has registered the competition formally with the AHA and BJCP and has paid the entry fee of $30.  He will bring a receipt to be reimbursed to the July membership meeting.  Keith provided the following updates, as well:
• The competition will be held on 9/7/2013 (has since been amended to later date, but this will be reflected in membership meeting minutes)
• Todd Rock will be judging as an official BJCP judge on behalf of the ZOO.
• Mother’s will be sending four judges: Jeremy Wicks, Brian Allen, Dave Soper (cellarman), and Doug Riddle
• Keith is currently working to secure as many official BJCP judges as possible.
o We are considering letting Mother’s be the BOS panel alone, since they are awarding the grand prize.

The Geeks With Beer podcast went well.  Members present were Keith, Kassidy, and Michael, and they felt it was good PR for the club and a lot of fun, as well.

Craft Beer Bash: We’ll need volunteers to man the booth.  Todd Frye will brew representing The Home Brewery, so we will not be brewing, but will be using the opportunity to reach out to craft beer fans about home brewing and the mission of the club.

We are investigating whether it will be legal to pour beer, and whether the organizers would be interested in us doing so.  Currently, this does not appear to be likely.

Meeting adjourned: 9:45pm

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