May Meeting Minutes 5/21/13

Title:   Regular Monthly Meeting      
Location:   Home Brewery      
Date:   5/21/2013      
Attendance: 19

Zymurgists of The Ozarks

7:30 PM – 7:45 PM   0:15   Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time

7:45 PM  – 7:50 PM   0:05   Call to order   (Ben)

7:50 PM  – 8:10 PM   0:20   Education Portion – All-Grain Demonstration – (Todd/Ed)

8:10 PM – 8:15 PM   0:05   April Meeting Minutes   (Todd)

8:15 PM  – 8:20 PM   0:05   Treasurer’s Report   (Todd)

8:20 PM  – 8:25 PM   0:05   Fall Competition Update   (Keith)
*Art of Darkness Competition: Sept 6th-8th

8:25 PM –  8:35 PM   0:10   Old Business   (Ed)
*Hop Lobster Challenge

*Logo Care Package

8:35 PM  – 8:50 PM   0:15   Election for Secretary position by secret ballot – Nominations for office, brief time to introduce and talk about why they want the job, then a vote.   (Ben)
*Ed Nominated Randy West, second by Keith Wallis.  No other nominations, voted in.

8:50 PM  – 8:55 PM   0:05   Recap of recent events – SGF B-Day, Big Brew Day, Mother’s Day   (Michael/Todd F.)
*Ed recapped Happy Birthday Springfield Event and Mothers Day Festival and Todd recapped Big Brew Day.

8:55 PM – 9:00 PM   0:05   Membership Cards and dues – How you can get yours card by paying your dues   (Ed)

9:00 PM – 9:05 PM   0:05   Officer Updates – Introduction of our new officer by panel of vote counters…   (Ben)

9:05 PM  – 9:15 PM   0:10   Call for any new business by members   (Ben)
*Discussed purchase of Zoo Stamp and How To Brew poster.

*Keith Wallis is working with SBC for GABF Pro Am.

*Need to make plans for Teach a Friend to Brew Day.

*Craft Beer Bash Downtown Springfield, July 20th 5pm-11pm.

9:15 PM  – 10:45 PM   1:30   Social Period of club – beer tasting, feedback, etc.  (All)


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