2/16/13 Leadership Meeting Minutes

Title:   Leadership Meeting
Location:   Home Brewery
Date:   2/16/2012

Time:  6:30pm


In attendance: Ben (Pres), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary), Todd (Treasure)


Officers: Ben (Pres), Michael (PR Director), Keith (VP), Ed (Secretary)

Todd (Treasure), Kassidy (Media Director)

There were a few questions about couple’s memberships:  It has been decided that couple membership holders act as one unit.  They are considered 1 vote, and can hold a 1 position on the board.  On the current board directors we have Kassidy and Michael who will have a couples membership holding two different positions.  Based on not having bylaws prior to electing our original officers the two will continue holding both offices until the next election. Officer terms will be 13 months, 12 months in office and 1 month training the new officers.

Ed, the current secretary will be moving before the next elections.  Currently he does not have an exact move date but will notify the board 30 days before his resignation.

Big Brew Day/Zoo Family Picnic:  May 4th.  Ideas that have been discussed but not finalized

Todd having a customer appreciation day in conjunction

Possible in club competition based on the big brew recipe

Zoo members Pot Luck

Competition Update:

Competition Date will be March 16th at 12:30, subject to change base on number of entries

Setup and dry run will be the night before March 15th at 7:00pm

Medals will be determined based on the number of entries we receive per category.

The Zoo will purchase dinner for the Judges following the event.

Club only Barleywine competition:  Needs to be discussed at the membership meeting.  Currently we do not have enough time to brew and in club judge before the entries need to be submitted.

T-Shirts/ Work style shirts:  Ben will look into pricing; these will be offered to the members at cost.  We still need to look into a design.

Additional paperwork/legal status needed for the club:

Ben and Todd will both review to see what additional paper/legal status that the Zoo needs.  This will be reviewed at the next leadership meeting.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:37pm

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