1/15/13 Meeting Minutes


Title:   Regular Monthly Meeting      
Location:   Springfield Brewing Company      
Date:   1/15/2013      
Zymurgists of the Ozarks

Officers: Ben Stange (Pres), Michael Pittman (PR Director), Keith Bachman (VP), Ed Schneiderheinze (Secretary) Todd Frye (Treasure), Kassidy Polete (Media Director)


Attendees:  12


Guest:  Ashton Lewis from Springfield Brew Co


Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time   Springfield Brewing Co

Call to order   Ben 8:53pm

September Meeting Minutes:  Ed S.

Minutes read and accepted


Old Business:  Ed S.



Dues - $25 per year to be voting member - paid membership to vote for 2/3 majority.   Ben

Motion: Ed

2nd: Keith

Passes:  100%

New Dues are effective immediately, payable to Todd Frye.





Competition Committee Update   Keith Bachman

Hoppy St Patrick Comp:  To do list:

  • Confirm Judges – Ashton Lewis has confirmed
  • Create an advertisement flyer to hang up around town
    • Completed by Keith
  • Talk with Todd about a winners package – Keith
    • $25 Home brewery gift certificate to all 1st place winners
  • Talk with Matt Loll about etched glass mugs – Ben
  • Look into the cost of medals – Ed
  • Speak to Ashton Lewis about possible GABF pro/am entry for Best of show – Keith
    • Ashton has agreed to this.  This is not a guaranteed entry.  Ashton will evaluate the top three places from best in show and determine if he would like to work with the brewer for a GABF entry.




Update - Logo Design - vote for approval   Ben

Motion: Todd

2nd: Michael

Passed:  100%



Future events: Big Brew, Do Good, ZOO BBQ, etc.   

Each event will be moved to old business for future discussion



Finalized list - Education themes for this year   Michael

Completed:  These are on the website

Call for any new business by members   All

Beer, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate fest Feb 9th for 12-5pm.  We do have a free both but all participants need to purchase a ticket.  Anyone interested in representing the Zoo please see the forums.


Education portion - Hop Lobster Game/tour 

Ashton Lewis conducted a fine tour of his facilities and presented the Hop Lobster game.  If anyone is interested in Ashton’s challenge to brew the Hop Lobster see the forums.  Their current batch should be available in the next 2 weeks for tasting.  A special thanks to Ashton for hosting our club at the Springfield Brew Co and answering all of our questions.



Social Period of club - beer tasting, feedback, etc.   All

Registration for our founding members is over, below is the list of all who met the requirements.  We have 15 total:

Tim Rosse, Charles Hedin, Mike Zalewski, Ed Schneiderheinze, Ben Stange, Greg Knight, Todd Frye, Michael Pittman, Eric Johnson, Keith Bachman, Andrew Steiger, Todd Rock, Daniel Routh, Mike Rupp, Nathan Oberle.


Adjourned: 10:15

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