12/16/12 Leadership Meeting Minutes


Meeting place: Ben’s house

In attendance: Ben, Todd, Keith, Michael and Kassidy

Educational portion for the next meeting: Foggy Notion side by side. Ben will be bringing the 2011 version and Michael will bring the new 2012 one.

Mention to the club about the tax forms and opening a group account.

Our March competition is now registered w/ the BJCP ($30 reg fee printout available to those who wish to view it.) That $30 then refunded to Keith B. by ZOO Treasurer, Todd F.

Wording changed on the competition description along with date/time.

Discussed how to locally promote Hoppy St. Patricks Day (suggestions thrown around were Mothers, Brew Co., etc…)

Need to look into opening a PayPal account for the competition.

Member discount of $5/entry @ the competition for members (instead of $7 first and $5 for each after.)

Keith sent an email to BJCP to clarify the qualifications for competition judging.

Michael talked to Mother’s about the April meeting at their facilty. Confirmed for April 16th.

Looking @ September for the next ZOO competition.

Kassidy suggested that we start taking attendance at the next meeting so that we can keep track of our growth.

End 9:46

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