11-20-12 Meeting Minutes


Start End Time Item Organizer
7:30 PM 7:45 PM 0:15 Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time Todd Frye
7:45 PM 7:50 PM 0:05 Call to order Ben Time

Called to order at 7:40

7:50 PM 7:55 PM 0:05 September Meeting Minutes Ed S.

October minutes were read

7:55 PM 8:05 PM 0:10 Old Business Ed S.

New membership cards were handed out to new members currently we have 8 founding members.

8:05 PM 8:15 PM 0:10 New Businesses – Membership Agreement Keith Bachman

Keith passed around a membership agreement; it was read and discussed by the members. A motion was made to accept it and it was passed.

8:15 PM 8:25 PM 0:10 New Businesses – Use of Funds Amendment Keith Bachman

Keith passed around an amendment to our bylaws to include the use of membership funds. A motion was made and passed. Keith will add the amendment to the bylaws on our web page.

8:25 PM 8:30 PM 0:05 New Business – Moving January meeting Ben

January’s membership meeting will be held at Springfield Brewing Company. Aston Lewis will be the guest speaker and this will include a tour of the brewery. Homebrews are encouraged but no commercial beers.

8:30 PM 8:40 PM 0:10 New Businesses – Discussion of Membership Benefits Ben

Ben covered our membership benefits:
-Voting rights = make the club what you want it to be, your voice counts.
-Ability to “check out” material from the club library= gives members a chance to increase their knowledge at a minimal cost.
-Ability to enter into running to represent ZOO at “club only” competition
-Membership card
-Member’s Only Events = events like the tour of Mother’s will require membership; these events will be determined by the board.

Motion was made and passed.

8:40 PM 8:50 PM 0:10 New Business – Club literature Ed S. or Michael

Ideas were talked about for new club literature. We need ideas and pricing for handouts and banners at events. Greg Knight will look into pricing for this.

Business cards were discussed for members to use as handouts for club information. Greg Knight will get pricing on this as well.

Both items are tabled until we redesign our logo.

8:50 PM 8:55 PM 0:05 New Business – Club Logo – Request for designs Michael/Kassidy

Currently several members are working on new logo ideas. This will be discussed again at our January meeting.

8:55 PM 9:05 PM 0:10 New Businesses – Discussion of T-shirts Michael

Michael covered the idea of having T-shirts printed. Members will be able to purchase these at cost. Currently Michael is looking into pricing.

9:05 PM 9:15 PM 0:10 Call for any new business by members All

No additional new business was brought up.

9:15 PM 9:35 PM 0:20 Education portion – Pumpkin/Spiced beer Todd Frye

9:35 PM 10:45 PM 1:10 Social Period of club – beer tasting, feedback, etc. All

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