11-18-12 Leadership Meeting Minutes


Title: Leadership Meeting
Location: Chicago Pizza
Date: 11/18/2012

In attendance: Ben, Todd, Michael, Kassidy, Ed

Membership Agreement: The idea of writing a membership agreement has been brought up. This will be your basic “how to act” when representing the club in and out of club activities. It has been decided to bring this to the membership to see if this is something we need to pursue.

Competition: The name of the competition has been decided by the competition committee. It will be Hoppy St Patrick’s day. Deadline for entries will be 3/8/2013 and the competition will be 3/15/2013 – 3/17/2013. This will be a Pale Ale competition in a free for all format. Anyone can submit an entry. Keith will pay the $30 registration fee and the club will reimburse him once the proper paperwork is submitted.

Ashton Lewis has invited us to Springfield Brew Co for our January Meeting. This will be an open to everyone event and will be at the regular club time (7:30). This invitation includes a tour of the brewery.

Club Literature for promotions and events: We will present this to the members for ideas; we will also talk with Greg Knight for cost. We would also like to design a wallet card for each member to carry to help promote the club when they are out and about. This will include our meeting location, meeting time and our web site. This will be a business card that can be handed out.

Membership Benefits: Need to get the following list approved by the membership.

-Voting rights = make the club what you want it to be, your voice counts.
-Ability to “check out” material from the club library= gives members a chance to increase their knowledge at a minimal cost.
-Ability to enter into running to represent ZOO at “club only” competition
-Membership card
-Member’s Only Events = events like the tour of Mother’s will require membership; these events will be determined by the board.

Money: All club expenses must be approved by the board by a vote of 100%. If the board cannot pass an approval by 100% then it will be brought to the membership for approval.

Checking account: Ben will look in to what it is going to take to open an account.

T-shirts: Michael is looking into cost and styles. Club material will be sold at cost to club members.

Club Logo: See if anyone in the clubs wants to redesign out logo.

Beer Pick of the Month: Joplin brew club has a deal with Macadoodles that allows them to pick a beer of the month. This is advertised at Macadoodles. Todd will contact Joplin brew club and look into this. We are interested in doing it with the local Macadoodles.

Future thought: Joplin Brew Club VS. the Zoo in a local competition for bragging rights and possibly a traveling trophy.


  1. Ralph Baldi says:

    Your CommentsPlease send me info on becoming a member. I am a brand new person to beer, but have been making wine for a while.

  2. Kassidy says:

    Saw that you “liked” our Facebook page, Ralph! I’ll have someone contact you through there w/ some information. Thanks for your interest in the club!

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