A message from the President…

As the year continues to cool down and we get near the frosty holidays, things are starting to warm up in the Society. In addition to a few boil kettles being fired up in the background, we also have some pretty cool developments coming around in the club. First off, our competition committee has begun work organizing and planning our Spring competition, which will be held in March or April of next year. We’re currently planning on having a Pale Ale competition, and look forward to seeing entries come in from all over the Ozarks and beyond. If you have any catchy name ideas for a Spring competition, please send them our way.

Next, the club is currently offering a limited number of Founding Memberships. During these last few months of 2012, we’re allowing membership registration for $10. These dues include a “Founding Member” card and that status will be retained for the duration of your membership with the club. In addition to this special perk, these dues are the official dues of the club prior to our regular registration which begins in January. In January, all members will renew at the new dues rates. To be clear, being a Founding Member will not ensure you do not pay 2013 dues, as the $10 is amount of dues for active members in 2012, when the club was founded.

The officers are also currently working on the annual dues, which should be presented for approval by active members at the December meeting. The dues will be charged annually in January, and will be due every year.

There are several benefits to being a member, so if you are not already a member of the club, I encourage you to come for a meeting and see if you enjoy it, and then seriously consider registering as a member and paying your dues. Benefits of being a paid member include:

• Voting rights – They may sound boring, but if you would like to have a say in the direction and future of this club, the only way to participate is by joining us officially.

• Ability to “check out” material from the club library – Members are currently donating brewing magazines and books to create a Zymurgists of the Ozarks Library. Any attendee of a meeting can peruse the library, but only members will be allowed to check items out to take home. This will give you a chance to increase your knowledge at a minimal cost.

• Ability to enter into running to represent ZOO at “club only” competitions – We regularly hold internal competitions to find club members who will represent us at AHA “Club Only” competitions. If you would like to be considered to represent the ZOO at one of these competitions, you’ll need to pay your dues.

• Membership card – Show others that you are a part of something great by flashing your… card.

• Member’s Only Events – We’ll be scheduling events with local breweries, businesses, and fellow beer-minded folks, and if you’re not a member, you won’t get the invite. Don’t miss any of the unique and fun things we’ll be scheduling in the next year.

I hope you’ll consider coming to meet us at Ozarks Beer Fest on November 17th. We’ll be there with The Homebrewery talking about beer and homebrew, and would love to see you. Stop by the booth and talk shop with us for a bit. Oh, and you can go ahead and get your tickets at The Homebrewery or online at http://bigbro.com. Don’t miss that party.

-Ben Stange, ZOO President

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