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Leadership Minutes 9/1/13

Attendance: Ben (Pres.), Keith B.(V. Pres), Keith W. (Sec.), Todd (Treas.),  Michael (PR Director), Kassidy (Media Director)

8:14 Open
-Treasury report with updates on new paying members.

-Secretary obtains remaining Members badges. Discussion for a new educational demo on Beer Math and what it means to you.

-Media Director leads discussion about creating a protocol for setting up at events; to make more uniformed and easier.
-If we do not have more participants for Do Good, we should maybe think about sitting this one out. Contact Kassidy for more info and if you can make it.

-A motion to purchase a canopy tent for events. (So we as a club do not have to rely on the generosity of others.) Motion passes unanimously. Todd will start watching for sales and a time to purchase.

-Discussion of Club presence at Mother’s Oktoberfest in the Ozarks.

-Keith B. gives contest updates: 44 entries on site and a estimated 55-60 total thus far. Still need judges and stewards to help set up. Do NOT worry if you want to judge and have entered, will make sure you don’t judge your own beer. Sorting Time: 7 pm on 9/20/13

-Keith B. leads discussion on success of the Facebook adverts. Since started until 9/1/13 there have been 9,333 people reached and 56 new likes, that is an est. 23 cents per like.

-Group discussion on amendments to club constitution and bylaws, such as consecutive term limits (per office held).
-Elections nominations are encouraged as the 17th are the elections. Any due paying member is encouraged to participate. As offices are not as hard to uphold as one might think, and change could bring fresh ideas.

-Discussed White River Brewery tour or tasting.

-November 2nd is Teach a Friend to Brew Day and how fun it would be to do a Public Choice Award with all proceeds going to a local charity. More details to come at following members meeting.

9:30 Adjourned