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10-16-2012 Meeting Minutes


Zymurgists of the Ozarks            Meeting Minutes            10/16/2012

Location: The Home Brewery
Date:   10/16/2012
In attendance: 12

7:30 PM –  7:45 PM   0:15   Grab a beer, grab a chair, brief social time – Todd Frye

7:45 PM  –  7:50 PM   0:05   Call to order – Ben Called to order at 7:45pm

7:50 PM  – 7:55 PM   0:05   September Meeting Minutes – Ed

*There were no meeting minutes from September.  October will be the first meeting minutes.

7:55 PM  – 8:05 PM   0:10   New Business – Dues Amendments and dues this year – Ben and Keith

*Ben explained the new change to the bylaws to allow dues to be prorated and collected in January of each year.  Motion: Ed/2nd: Greg Vote: 100% pass

*Ben explained the dues of $10 for the rest of this year.  He explained that it allows a little seed money for the club to cover small cost.  He also allow the leadership committee to develop a plan for dues for next year and what they will be used for.  Motioned and 2nd:  Pass 100%.  Anyone who pays dues before Jan 1 2013 will be considered a Founding member; this will be displayed on their membership card. Dues collections started at this meeting.

8:05 PM  – 8:10 PM   0:05   New Business – Competition Committee – Keith

*Signup sheets were passed around for this committee

8:10 PM  – 8:15 PM   0:05   New Business – Requesting Volunteers – Teach a friend to Homebrew Day. Signup sheet – Michael

*Signup sheets were passed around for this event

8:15 PM  – 8:20 PM   0:05   New Business – Requesting Volunteers – Ozarks Beer Fest . Signup sheet – Todd Frye

*Signup sheets were passed around for this event; cost of the event is $25 in advance and $30 at the door

8:20 PM – 8:25 PM   0:05   New Business – Taking recommendations for education efforts/themes for 2012/2013 meetings.  Please submit your recommendations to Michael Pittman – Michael

*This was discussed; any ideas need to be submitted to Michael.  We also need volunteers to do the education portion of the meeting.  This will be held to 15-20 minutes each meeting.

Membership cards were shown to the members.  The design was passed with 100% of the votes.  Ed will start making membership cards for the people who paid at the October meeting.  These will be available at the next meeting.

The idea of having a separate table for people who want real feedback for their beer was discussed.  It was done this meeting as a trial and seemed to be well accepted.  In the future if you want to have real feedback for your beer there will be a table set aside with tasting cards.  Please feel free to leave your beer there and to also taste and judge the other beers on this table.

8:45 PM         Social Period of club – beer tasting, feedback, etc. – All


08-21-2012 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was a very productive one.  We were joined by a couple of gentlemen from the Beerknobbers homebrew club who sat in to see what our club was all about.  I believe they were impressed by our knowledge and dedication to our hobby, and, more importantly, I believe they had a good time hanging out with us.

The meeting began with the educational portion of the meeting being hosted by Nate, as he explained a very well-thought-out experiment measuring the benefits of decoction mashing versus the use of melanoidin malt in the mash.  The result was that melanoidin malt can make a reasonable facsimile if you’re not too picky, but there are aspects of decoction mashing which cannot be replicated by the alteration of the malt bill.

We then proceeded to discuss several different beers which were brought in while Todd Frye made a few copies of the Constitution and By-laws to be handed out for consideration.  We had a period of time to review the Constitution and By-laws, then a discussion period, and they were finally put to a vote.  Special thanks to Keith, Nate, and Ed for working on revising the original by-laws drafted by me in time for this meeting and for all of the work that group put into making sure we got them as right as possible on the first pass.

The members present unanimously passed the Constitution and By-laws, and nominations for Officer Positions were immediately begun.  If you wish to nominate an individual (including yourself) for office, please do so in the “News” forum under the 2012-2013 Nominations forum.

We finished out the meeting discussing the different offices, how to proceed with nominations, and how best to communicate with non-present members the good news and the news on how to nominate.

At the next meeting, we will have the elections including a period at the beginning to continue to nominate individuals.  We want to make sure that everyone who wishes to participate in this process has a chance to do so, so please feel free to nominate prior to the meeting in the appropriate forum or at the beginning of the next meeting.  Please attend the next meeting so that you can vote on the officers, as well.

Next meeting is also our Cereal Challenge meeting.  If you have a Cereal Challenge beer, please make sure and let everyone know when you arrive so we know how many of these beers will be tasted during that section of the meeting.

Please feel free to add other notes from the last meeting or reminders for the next meeting to the Minutes forum.

Ben Stange

Meeting Minutes 06/20/2012


So, it was a pretty eventful meeting. Interim leader Todd Frye introduced several important topics at the beginning of the meeting including the following:

  • A big hearty congratulations to Keith, who won our in-club competition last night and will be sending his Imperial Porter to represent the Zymurgists of the Ozarks at the AHA Club-Only competition in August. the recipe for his award-winning porter can be found here.
  • The new format of the meetings – We will have official business first followed by an educational portion, and social time at the end of meetings.
  • The by-laws of the Zymurgists of the Ozarks – I brought some hard copies last night, but a copy has also been posted in the forums here. Please review the Constitution and By-Laws and make any recommendations you feel are necessary.
  • It was proposed that at each meeting, we would attempt to have some organization to that Month’s themed tasting. If you have brought a home brew you would like feedback on or an example of style for that month’s educational portion, you will provide that to the person in charge of that week’s tasting at the beginning of the meeting. We will hold the tasting panel prior to the social period at the end of meetings to ensure the best possible feedback is received by homebrewers.
  • We are currently working on establishing a homebrewing competition for the fall. So far, the tentative date is September 2nd, and the proposed style limitations are German Styles only. This will be our Oktoberfest competition this year. We will keep you updated as this progresses.
  • Todd Frye has been speaking with the Beerknobbers (a homebrew club which meets on the same night as us) about possibly sending some delegates from one club to attend the other club’s meeting in July. He will keep us updated via the forums and/or email as to how that progresses.
  • Mother’s Brewing Company has graciously offered us a club-only tour led by brewmaster Brian Allen on July 28th at 1pm. If you would like to attend, please RSVP via these forums or let me know at the next meeting so I know how many we can expect.

I’m sure I missed something, so if there is any more important business you’d like to bring up in relation to last night’s meeting which I have forgotten to add, please reply to this post. Thanks for being a part of this with us.

Meeting Minutes – March 20th, 2012


At last night’s meeting, we discussed a few ideas for the club in the near future, and we met a couple of new members.

First of all, the AHA Big Brew is coming up on May 5th.  We discussed organizing that day at The Home Brewery to participate in the brew day.  Those willing or interested in participating, please email (homebrewzoo [at] gmail dot com) and let me know so that we can keep a tally of who will be involved.  The Big Brew Day has extract and all-grain versions of two brown ales this year.

We also discussed participating in the August 2012 Club-Only competition.  The category is porter, and covers BJCP category 12 styles.  In order to have your beer considered to represent the club, please note that you must bring a brewed version of your submission to our June meeting.  We will have a blind tasting at that meeting and vote to see which ale will represent our club at the competition.  This deadline allows enough time that the winner of our in-club competition will have time to re-brew before the August 10th deadline should they feel it is necessary.

We discussed the creation of this site and the addition of club forums to the site during the meeting, as well.  Eric has done an excellent job putting together the site so far, so we are excited to see what is coming.

Also at this meeting, I reminded everyone that the June meeting’s theme is Saison/Farmhouse ales.  I distributed copies of a simple Saison recipe to all members who expressed interest in brewing for the meeting.  That recipe will follow the meeting minutes in this post.

It was mentioned in the meeting that the monthly themes are currently nearly meaningless, and that it would be nice to have some sort of information at the beginning of the meeting relating to that month’s theme.  For instance, as next month’s theme is IPA, it would be of a benefit to the group to have someone teach a bit about what that category means at the beginning of April’s meeting.  If you would like to volunteer to teach the IPA segment, please email me at homebrewzoo [at] gmail dot com.

We also drank and had fun.

Here is the Saison recipe I distributed to the group during the meeting last night:

Simple Saison

Batch size 5 gallons
Boil size 7.1 gallons
Boil time 90 minutes
Grain weight 10 pounds
Efficiency 70%
Original gravity 1.050
Final gravity 1.011
Alcohol (by volume) 5.1%
Bitterness (IBU) 31
Color (SRM) 5.0°L


2 liquid packs

Belgian Saison



10 pounds

    36ppg, 1°L
9 pounds
Munich (Dark)
    34ppg, 20°L
1 pound



1.5 ounces

Hallertauer hops
    4.3%, Pellet
1.5 ounces


120 minutes, 9.6 gallons

    Target 149°F
3.1 gallons
60 minutes (+0)
    Target 170°F
6.5 gallons



90 minutes, 7.1 gallons

Hallertauer hops
    4.3%, Pellet
1.5 ounces
90 minutes (+0)
Wort chiller 15 minutes (+75)



24 days @ 70-95°F

Rack to secondary 14 days (+10)


This yeast likes it hot. Fermentation temps of 95F are not unheard of using a Saison yeast. This creates a spicier profile for the beer overall. If you do not wish to use this yeast, a starter can be made from the dregs of your favorite saison.

The efficiency used to calculate this recipe is 70%.  You may need to adjust your version of this recipe to allow for your system’s efficiency.

To make an extract version of this recipe: For an extract version, simply substitute 6 lbs of light dry extract for the 10 lbs of Belgian Pilsen malt and steep the munich malt.  If you do not wish to steep your grains, simply sub in an additional .5 lbs of dry extract for the munich malt.

About the base malt: This recipe was formulated with software which has limited options for malts.  I recommend a pilsen malt as the base, and will probably use a Belgian pilsen in my version.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, March 20th. 7:30 PM @ Home Brewery

It’s time once again for another ZOO meeting! This month’s meeting is about Irish and Scottish Ales.  Bring homebrew if you have it, and Irish or Scottish Ales if you don’t have any homebrew to bring.  Home brewed Irish and Scottish ales will earn you bonus points.

As always, try to bring munchies to share, as well.  If you read this before the meeting, try to let us know what munchies you’ll be bringing so we don’t double up too much.

We’ll see you Tuesday night at The Home Brewery!

Beer Styles By Month – Plan to brew!

In order to give everyone the opportunity to plan ahead for the style of the month, here is the list of monthly styles!

March – Irish and Scottish Ales

April – IPA

May – Dark Lager

June – Saison or Farmhouse Ales

July – Experimental Beer

August – Kolsch

September – Pumpkin or spiced beer

October – Oktoberfest, Marzen, German Lagers

November – Porter

December – Imperial Ales or Barley Wines

Remember, the beer you brew today will be the beer you can bring in 2-3 months! Plan ahead!