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08-21-2012 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was a very productive one.  We were joined by a couple of gentlemen from the Beerknobbers homebrew club who sat in to see what our club was all about.  I believe they were impressed by our knowledge and dedication to our hobby, and, more importantly, I believe they had a good time hanging out with us.

The meeting began with the educational portion of the meeting being hosted by Nate, as he explained a very well-thought-out experiment measuring the benefits of decoction mashing versus the use of melanoidin malt in the mash.  The result was that melanoidin malt can make a reasonable facsimile if you’re not too picky, but there are aspects of decoction mashing which cannot be replicated by the alteration of the malt bill.

We then proceeded to discuss several different beers which were brought in while Todd Frye made a few copies of the Constitution and By-laws to be handed out for consideration.  We had a period of time to review the Constitution and By-laws, then a discussion period, and they were finally put to a vote.  Special thanks to Keith, Nate, and Ed for working on revising the original by-laws drafted by me in time for this meeting and for all of the work that group put into making sure we got them as right as possible on the first pass.

The members present unanimously passed the Constitution and By-laws, and nominations for Officer Positions were immediately begun.  If you wish to nominate an individual (including yourself) for office, please do so in the “News” forum under the 2012-2013 Nominations forum.

We finished out the meeting discussing the different offices, how to proceed with nominations, and how best to communicate with non-present members the good news and the news on how to nominate.

At the next meeting, we will have the elections including a period at the beginning to continue to nominate individuals.  We want to make sure that everyone who wishes to participate in this process has a chance to do so, so please feel free to nominate prior to the meeting in the appropriate forum or at the beginning of the next meeting.  Please attend the next meeting so that you can vote on the officers, as well.

Next meeting is also our Cereal Challenge meeting.  If you have a Cereal Challenge beer, please make sure and let everyone know when you arrive so we know how many of these beers will be tasted during that section of the meeting.

Please feel free to add other notes from the last meeting or reminders for the next meeting to the Minutes forum.

Ben Stange

Big Brew Day 8 days away!

OK, so the AHA Big Brew Day is next Saturday, May 5th.  If you want to participate by bringing your equipment and brewing, pleae RSVP to Todd as soon as possible.  You can email him at or call him at 417-581-0963. He will also want to know if you need him to prepare one of the AHA-devised recipe for you.  Make sure and specify if you want to brew the American Brown Ale or the Northern English Brown Ale recipe and if you will be brewing extract or all-grain.

Brewing the AHA-created recipe is the only way to count your batch in the totals of the Big Brew Day, so if you plan to particpate, we ask that you brew one of the two Brown Ale recipes they provide on their site.  We’ll get started brewing at 10 am and we’ll be haning out and meeting whoever stops by all day.  It’s a great way to meet fellow homebrewers and possibly expand the membership of our club. 


Thanks, everyone!

Hello ZOO members!


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