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It’s Open Season at the ZOO!

ZOO Members at Springfield Brewing Company

Once again, it’s time for our spring competition, and this time, it is OPEN SEASON.  We are accepting homebrewed beer entries of any style in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines.

The winner will get a shot at Pro-Am glory at GABF brewing with our fantastic sponsor and great friends of the club over at Springfield Brewing Company.

That’s right.  If you win Best of Show at this competition, you will get to scale up, brew, and serve your recipe with the professionals over at Springfield Brewing Company.

If you don’t get Best of Show, don’t worry about it.  The Homebrewery in Ozark is offering a few prizes for medalists, as well.

So, don’t wait.  Enter your finest ales and lagers at our competition website. Make sure to sign up and register your entries by April 27th, or it’ll be too late.  The sooner the better, my friends.

While you’re at it, we need volunteers to help steward and judge the competition, so please feel free to sign up on the competition website, even if you are not competing.  No experience necessary, we’ll team you up with experienced volunteers to guide you through the entire process.

And may the best brewer win!

2016 Meeting and Education Themes.


At each of our membership meetings, we focus on a theme, such as a beer style or a method of brewing.  Once each quarter, we also have an expanded educational portion in addition to the theme of the month.

The meeting themes and educational topics will be updated as needed in the sidebar to the left on the site, but here is a listing as of 12/30/2015 of our planned meeting topics for 2016:

  • January: Using spice in beer
  • February: Porters (Quarterly Education: Sanitation)
  • March: Scottish/Irish Beers
  • April: Wood Aged Beer
  • May: Fruit Beers (Quarterly Education: Beer Clarity)
  • June: IPAs
  • July: Wheat/Rye Beers
  • August: Belgian Beers (Quarterly Education: pH and Water Adjustments)
  • September: Ciders
  • October: Oktoberfest Beers
  • November: Stouts (Quarterly Education: Mash Efficiency)
  • December: High Gravity Beers

If you would like to volunteer to teach one of the educational portions, please contact the club at homebrewzoo [at] gmail [dot] com or speak with an officer at a membership meeting.



Tonight’s Meeting is at White River Brewing Company!


Don’t forget, we have been invited to hold our January meeting at White River Brewing Company. We will not be at The Homebrewery this evening. Meeting starts at 7:30. Thanks!


Meeting Themes and Mother’s Day


Hello, Zymurgists!

We’re quickly approaching the Mother’s Day Festival and we still need folks to volunteer to man the booth with Randy.  He’s volunteered to set up, but we have very few people volunteering to sit and drink beer and talk brewing with interested people.

This is one of our highest-profile events of the year, so let’s try and make a good showing of it.  If you plan on being at Mother’s Day, please contact Randy or comment below and plan on spending some time in the booth. Even if you’re not sure when you’ll be available, letting Randy know he’ll have some hands to help talk brew with people will help a ton.

If you’ll direct your attention to the left of this post, you’ll see I have posted the meeting themes for the rest of the year.  This should help you plan ahead to brew for meetings or just prepare for a meeting.  In addition, if you find you’d like to teach a breakout session, contact Mr. Becker through the forums.

Thanks for helping to promote craft beer in Southwest Missouri!

Ben Stange

We need volunteers!

We have two events coming up quickly, and we need some homebrewers to join us in promoting our hobby!

On May 3rd, Todd and the crew at The Homebrewery in Ozark will be hosting an event in honor of the AHA’s Big Brew Day. If you are interested in being a participating brewer, please email todd [at] homebrewery [dot] com and let him know. This event is coming up very quickly, so please email him soon if you are interested in brewing.

On May 17th, Mother’s Brewing Company will be hosting their 4th Ever Mother’s Day Festival in their backyard. ZOO Members who will be at the event should contact me or Randy West and let us know. Randy is organizing our effort at the event, but you can also email me at if you are interested and I will relay your information to Randy.

The event runs from 2-8pm, but we specifically need volunteers for set-up and tear-down.

For both events, please wear your ZOO gear if you have it. Let everyone know we’re out there.



Big Brew Day is May 3rd!

If you are planning to brew for Big Brew Day on May 3rd at the Homebrewery, please email Todd Frye ( and let him know which recipe you’ll be brewing and how much of that recipe you’ll be cooking up.

For information about the recipes, see the American Homebrewers’ Association Website here:

Have fun brewing!


April 2014 Meeting Minutes


@ The Home Brewery

11 in attendance

7:50 Open

In order to expedite meetings the old business/treasury report/most updates will be done online, unless there are specific interests in certain subjects.

Also we are asking that home brew be labeled with at least brewers name and style of brew. This can be anything as simple as masking tape and sharpie.

8:05 Mother’s Day @ Mother’s is coming up as well as Big Brew Day. If you have interest in either contact one of the officers.

8:07 Keeping up with the website. This is a tricky one, as we all have lives (somewhat) outside of the club. Ben is working with Keith W. to help bring it up to speed.

8:10 Saison themed education portion and tastings with Chris B.

8:25 Close for social period.

Missouri Passes Homebrew Transportation Law

Good news for home brewers in Missouri and Illinois.  Both state legislatures recently passed laws enabling home brewers to transport their wares, explicitly expanding the “personal or family use” clause beyond the interpretation as “consumption.”

Once they’re signed by the governors, which is expected to happen for both bills, home brewers will be able to share their beer with friends, family, and neighbors outside of their homes, enter homebrew competitions, bring their beer for feedback from homebrew clubs, and pour their beer at festivals.  That’s right.  POUR THEIR BEER AT FESTIVALS.  Nice.

There is no doubt that these bills are beneficial to the home brewing community, but I have two concerns about them.

First, the argument could be made that transporting homebrew wasn’t actually illegal in either state before the law was passed.  These bills weren’t necessary until recently, when the state governments of Missouri and Illinois suddenly began interpreting the words “personal or family use” in a very strict sense, meaning “personal or family CONSUMPTION.”  This very limiting interpretation of the law was a twisting of the language of the law, which mimics federal law exactly.  The federal law has never been interpreted to limit transportation or use, so why should the state law do so?  These bills simply correct that interpretation.  Why our state government suddenly decided this was a problem I’ll never understand, but it is good that the legislatures took decisive action to fix this.  I’d hate to think that “Personal or family use” actually meant “consumption.”  That would mean it was technically illegal to bathe in your beer, water your garden with it, or to even wash your car with it (not recommended).

Second, these bills deliberately limit their verbiage to beer brewers and do not include wine or meadmakers.  This is not an oversight.  It was done deliberately, as the folks creating the bill felt there was no reason to include them.  See my post on this law here.  Senate Bill 121 is actually very close to the Senate Bill 114 I wrote about in that post.  I’ve since changed my view on the law slightly, as I do believe it is a positive thing to explicitly state our rights without question, but I am still disappointed that they did nothing to offer the same liberties to wine and meadmakers.  They’re home brewers, too.

I’m glad to know that we, as the Homebrew ZOO, will be able to participate in festivals in the area to aid not-for-profits and share our beer with folks at beer festivals and at homebrew rallies.  It will do a lot to expand the interest in our hobby and hopefully bring a lot more people into our little world of geekdom.

To read the full press release, click here.

Ben Stange

Homebrew ZOO President

Big Brew Day Recipes

If you’re looking to brew with us on Big Brew Day, you’ll need to select one of the recipes provided on the AHA web site.  There are three recipes this year, and each is available in either extract or all-grain.

If you plan to brew and are a current dues-paying member of the Homebrew ZOO, you need to contact Todd Frye and let him which recipe you are brewing and how much as soon as possible.  You can email him at todd [at] homebrewery [dot] com.  Let him know if you are brewing the blond, pilsner, or mild, if you’re brewing extract or all grain, and how much beer you plan to make.  He will have your kit ready to go on Big Brew Day and current ZOO members will get a discount on these kits.

To review the recipes, click here.

Third EVER Mother’s Day Festival

Title: Third EVER Mother’s Day Festival
Location: 215 S. Grant Ave., Springfield, MO
Link out: Click here
Third Ever Mother’s Day Festival
Saturday, May 18th
“Hard to believe it, but the 3rd Ever Mother’s Day Festival is coming up and we have quite a day planned for all of you fine people. Just like the previous two festivals, we will be focusing on local beer, local food, local art and local music! The event will be held on Saturday, May 18th from 2-8pm (doors at 1:30pm) in your Mother’s Backyard (215 S. Grant Ave., Springfield, MO). $5 at the gate and, as always, kids 15 and under are free. Don’t forget to bring your chairs and blankets so you can get comfy and make yourself at home in Mother’s Backyard.” -Mother’s Brewing

The Homebrew ZOO will be well represented @ this festival, showing off our equipment and maybe even brewing up some beer! Come over to our tent and chit chat with us about beer… or better yet: making your OWN! Hope to see you there!
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2013/05/18
End Time: 20:00