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Expansion on Perceived Bitterness


In order to better illustrate the perceived bitterness relationships, I have written a short javascript calculator that does the math.  This way, you can adjust the ratios between Original Gravity, Final Gravity, and IBUs to see how they affect the BU:GU ratio, Apparent Attenuation, and Perceived Bitterness as described by The Mad Alchemist.

I hope you find this calculator helpful.  Have fun brewing!

In the below calculator, we’ll use the estimated IBUs, Original Gravity, and Final Gravity to calculate perceived bitterness using Ray Daniels’ BU:GU Ratio from Designing Great Beers and then using the formula created by The Mad Alchemist, which also factors in Apparent Attenuation.

Brewing Session Beers


At the August 2014 meeting, I presented a brief educational discussion on brewing “Session” beers.  Below is an edited version of the presentation, including the portion in which I described using math to compare the perception of bitterness between two beers.  If you have any questions,please feel free to comment below.

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